Worship with us on Sunday May 31, 2020

Our plan is to make a safe and gradual return. With this in mind, we will need everyone's cooperation. ALL safety guidelines are strongly recommended to be followed (i.e. wear masks; safe distancing).

Our plan is as follows:  to have 2 worship services; NO Sunday school classes.
Here is where we need everyone's cooperation:
The FIRST service (9:45 am to 10:25 am) is for all who have been attending Sunday school. (There will be a nursery but no children's program). After this service everyone is dismissed from the building.  If someone from this service has to remain, they are asked to stay in one of the classrooms.

The SECOND service (10:45 am to 11:30 am) is for all who normally just attend the worship service (your time frame remains the same).  Please do not arrive before 10:35 am to allow for cleaning between services. There will be a children's program and nursery.

If you feel more secure staying at home, you can watch the entire service on Facebook.

Note: there will be no coffee/bagels before services under the yellow phase.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we go through this transition time. We will need to be flexible and make changes as necessary. Also, any suggestions/ideas would be welcomed.  You can call the church office at 412-461-3731.