Updated  5/22/2020
Please keep in your Prayers...
Walter Anderson 
Becky Arena  
Bob & Pam Ashton 
Pat Axelson 
Bill Bendgen
Billy Bendgen 
Don Brookshire 
Joseph Capristo 
Carol Chatlos 
Elsie Creese 
Peg Doffin 
Rich Doffin 
Cindy Domen 
Janet Dzurilla 
Jean Fenwick 
Dan Fiebig 
Bob Fisher
Chuck Flockhart 
Mark Flockhart  
Kann Family 
Ethel & Bill Keller
Libby Kennedy
Karl & Joan Kim 
Cecilia Lightner 
Dave Lightner 
Kathy London
Betty & George Magiske 
Katrina & Dennis Mahan 
Bill McCarthy 
Bettie McEndoo 
Audrey McKay 
Ron McKay
Jeff McKinney 
Bernie Misura 
Diane Moore 
Kathleen Nelson's father Thomas 
Mike O'Sullivan
Butch Palmieri's sister Gloria 
Florence Platt  
Virginia Ponz 
Bill Potter
Duke Race 
Jim Sampson 
Tracy May Schob 
Schwab Family 
Stephanie Saunders 
Smock Family 
Ashley Smock 
Ruth Smock 
Carl Thomas 
Jim Titeca 
Jack Toomey 
Cheryl Vandall 
Jordan Wain 
Danny Wehrer
Cherly Wehrer 
Katie Wehrer 
Sister Gloria Wilkins 
Ray Yanowich 
Dawn Yauch 
Kevin Yeager 
Cookie Young 
Camp Christian 
Pitt CMU Campus Ministry 
All the people on the front lines
All the people infected with the Corona Virus
All the families of those who have passed away
Always remember that God is in charge and He will see us through this time of struggle 
Church: Elders, Deacons, Preacher, Programs, Teachers & Workers 
Community: Teachers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Medics & Our Military
World: President & Leaders, World Leaders & World Situations